Welcome to Sub It Club!

Sub It Club is a support group for writers and illustrators submitting (or thinking about submitting) their work for publication.

We know first-hand how hard it is to write that “perfect” query. We’ve talked to other writers and illustrators over the years, online and in person, and found many of them feel the same way. It can be intimidating. Frightening even. The query is a big hurdle to overcome in the creative life. Plus you have to do it over and over and over again! And when we finally submit it’s easy to obsess and worry and hope and dream and want to know the answer right now!

If you’re ready to start submitting but need support…

If you think about submitting but it totally freaks you out!

If you are submitting but drive yourself crazy with worry…

SUB IT CLUB WANTS YOU! (If you are a querying machine, we want you too! Lend us your wisdom!)

Children’s book author, Heather Ayris Burnell; writer, illustrator, and SCBWI France Assistant Regional Advisor, Dana Carey; and YA writer, iPhone apps speaker and Kidlit Scoop Editor, Lisha Cauthen will be your partners in submission. Yes, we specialize in kidlit but it doesn’t matter what genre you write in novels, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, magazine pieces, we want you to join us…we all have to submit our work!

What do you get if you join the club? Fun and informative posts on subbing on the Sub It Club blog. Snippets of submission tips, links, and chats on Twitter and Facebook. Fun and inspiration on Pinterest. And best of all…we’ll use our private private Facebook group to delve deep into submission info that we don’t want to have open wide on the internet. What do you have to do to join the club? Read the 7 Rules of Sub It Club and join us! Whether you choose to become part of our private group or follow our blog or social media, we’d love to have you join the Club!

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