Join the Club!

Ready to join us on the path to publication? We’ll hold your hand if you want us to. Let’s motivate and challenge each other to make something amazing happen!

First, read The 7 Rules of Sub It Club:

  1. You will not submit or query until your work has been critiqued, revised, spell checked and edited as many times as necessary to make it your very best work.
  2. You will get your work out there! Nothing great can happen if your work sits on your computer unread.
  3. You will realize that rejection is a part of the process. A form rejection is just that. A form. Agents, editors, and art directors are very busy. If they didn’t use forms they would never get any other work done and would have to close to unsolicited submissions altogether.
  4. You will research each and every publisher and agent before you query. Blind submissions are unprofessional.
  5. You will personalize each submission. This means addressing the query to a specific agent or editor and tailoring the letter to their preferences if you at all can. Yes, this can be hard and it takes time, but can make a huge difference in how well your query is received.
  6. You will remember that a rejection in no way reflects upon you as a person.
  7. You will have fun and celebrate your accomplishments! After all, we write because we love it.

Now, join us on our private Facebook page where we talk subbing, critique query letters, and support each other as we work toward publication! Just click here to send us a request to join the group.

Browse our website for help and advice. We have Submissions 101, Query Letters that Worked, and much more! If you have a question you’d like us to answer on the blog, contact us. We’re in this together. Let’s make something amazing happen!

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  1. Turns out we can invite people by email address as well so it works either way. Something I’ve learned since admitting people into the page. 🙂


  2. I just gave the link a test and it worked for me so could be an iPad problem, who knows! The link takes you to our private Facebook group so what you could do is search Sub It Club on Facebook and you should be able to find us and send a request to join the group. Just so you know, there is a public page as well as the private page so two different pages should come up. If you still have troubles you can let me know here. I’ll keep an eye out for you. :0)


  3. I am a first time childrens book author and i am really excited to read and find all the helpful advise to see if i can be a published writer.

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  4. I used to belong to this group on FB but I am no longer on FB (or Twitter) so is there a way to be a part of this group without having to go back on FB?


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