Anatomy of a Graphic Novel Pitch

Graphic novels are a steadily growing market, which is exciting to see. These days, more publishers are accepting graphic novel submissions. Some publishers have even started imprints that focus on graphic novels; for instance, First Second at Macmillan, and Graphix at Scholastic. And of course, as more traditional houses are publishing graphic novels, there has... Continue Reading →

Merry Pitchday – Pitch Agent Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein of McIntosh & Otis!

It's snowing on our blog which means the holidays are right around the corner. As you likely already know, publishing tends to slow down a bit and many agents even close to submissions during the season. But we have an agent who wants to hear from you right now! Pitching is over but if you... Continue Reading →

Twitter Pitch Tips from Author Dan Koboldt

Twitter is a goldmine for writers! There are so many pitching opportunities because of it. Author Dan Koboldt is the organizer of #SFFPit, a Twitter pitch event for Science Fiction and Fantasy manuscripts for all ages groups. Today he's here to share some Twitter pitching tips with us. But even if you don't write Science Fiction and... Continue Reading →

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