The Postcard Post: Alice Ratterree

The Postcard Post welcomes illustrator Alice Ratterree. Alice shares beautiful illustrations, great postcard tips and even more advice. Get ready to be wowed! Alice Ratterree loves to draw for the young at heart. Her passion for stories began when as a child she would spend hours re-illustrating her favorite books directly on their printed pages. Alice's career began as a classically trained singer, performing extensively... Continue Reading →

A Work-for-Hire Query Letter and Success Story from Jennifer Swanson

Have you ever wondered how to query for work-for-hire projects? Today author Jennifer Swanson shares one of her query letters with us. Jennifer has had a lot of success when it comes to work-for-hire commissions. Check out her amazing list of published books on her website! And work-for-hire can lead to other things as you will find... Continue Reading →

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