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We know you–hardworking writers and illustrators. You create all the time. When you aren’t writing or drawing you’re thinking about it. You have critique partners. You sweat over revisions. Edit until your eyeballs want to drop out of your head. You keep up on the latest publishing news. You probably even network because, hey, you need other writers and artists to talk to. They get you!

We know something else too. Submitting your work is hard. It takes a ton of courage, not to mention time, dedication, and patience. It can be nerve-wracking! Most of us don’t do it enough to give ourselves a fair shot at publication. And when we do submit our work we can drive ourselves crazy waiting to hear back! That is why we decided to create Sub It Club.

Sub It Club is a support group for writers and illustrators getting their work “out there”. Whether you create illustrations or are a writer of kidlit, adult novels, non-fiction, screenplays, or poetry. You’ve created  it. Revised it. Been critiqued. Revised some more. Edited. You’ve poured your time and energy, and probably your heart and soul, into your work. If you’ve done the time and are thinking of sending out submissions, Sub It Club wants you!

Afraid? Be brave! Querying and submitting is a necessary task for writers and illustrators seeking a contract. If you don’t send your work out you aren’t giving yourself the chance to find that agent, editor, or art director who loves it. Yes, this business can be tough, but when you have a piece out on submission, you never know what’s going to happen. You may get a form rejection, but you may get back a letter saying how much your work was liked, or a revision request, or *gasp* an offer! You’ll never get to experience any of those things if you don’t send your work out in the first place.

Whether you’re a writer thinking about sending out your first manuscript, an artist sending out sample artwork, an old pro who’s submitted loads of manuscripts, agented or on your own, Sub It Club wants to support you. Whatever stage you’re in, whatever genre. Sub It Club is here to help you make something amazing happen! We’ll be posting submission information and motivation. We’ll talk cover and query letters. You’ll find us on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and best of all, we have a private Facebook group where we can really dig into the details.

Join us!

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    1. Hi, Heather. I tried to join the Sub It Club last month, but nothing happened. I sent another request. I would really like to be part of this group.


      1. I sent you a private message via Facebook to verify that you are a writer since I could not tell from looking at your profile. You likely have to go to Message Requests –> See Filtered Requests to find it. I’ll add you and send you our welcome message. It makes it tough when Facebook hides private messages.


  1. My critique group not long started a Subs Club splinter group. The best thing we ever did. Finding more support online for doing the hardest thing ever (!!!) is only a good thing. 🙂


    1. We get a lot of requests and check them all before admitting people into the private Facebook group. It can take a day or two, especially if I’m busy. If it’s not clear that you are a writer or illustrator from what is publically viewable on your Facebook page I ask (in the about the group description) that people send me a note, otherwise you will get a message from me asking you to verify that you are indeed a writer or illustrator.


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