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Deciding If a Small Publisher is Legit

This post is brought to you by the one and only, Lisha Cauthen. Oh, man. Today we open a It can be hard to decide if a small publisher is legit. Brand new publishers don’t have a track record, but … Continue reading

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Additional Publisher Submission Opportunities

Not too long ago I talked about submitting work straight to editors at publishing houses and where to find their submission guidelines. Although many publishers are closed to submissions you can find special opportunities to connect with editors from time … Continue reading

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Fear Not My Unagented Friends, You Can Submit Straight to Publishers

We do a lot of talking about agents here at Sub It Club. Having an agent represent your work means it has been vetted by a professional. Editors are so busy, this is a big plus for them. Yes, there … Continue reading

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A Good Place to Start

A very common question when it comes to submitting manuscripts is: Where do I start? Well, here at Sub It Club we presume that you have started with getting critiques, revising, reading other books in your genre, and things of … Continue reading

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Should You Query Small Presses?

We all start out wanting the million-dollar advance with a Big Six Publisher. But. Is that really the best way to go? Consider the small press when you’re researching your query-targets: SMALLER SLUSH PILES-Everyone and his half-sister is sending the … Continue reading

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Show Your Manuscripts Some Love – Create a Submission Strategy

Are you ready to submit your manuscript? Then it’s time to come up with your own personal submission strategy! First, think hard about what you have. Yes, you wrote it. You know it inside and out. But try to think … Continue reading

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