Query Tracking “Inside The Box” by Katey Howes

We talk about the many different aspects of submissions in our Sub It Club writer's support group and one day we were talking about submission tracking. Lisha Cauthen showed us how to track submissions with a fancy dancy spreadsheet. I outlined the way I track them in my post, Submission Tracking, Old School. Katey Howes talked about... Continue Reading →

The February Postcard Post: C.S. Jennings

I met C.S. Jennings through his very fun and lively twitter feed. Get ready for great images and helpful advice (on production tasks too) to follow. Enjoy! C.S. Jennings is a professional illustrator and sometimes author specializing in concept work, children's, and editorial illustration. He is the author of ANIMAL BAND and HELLO, TEXAS! He... Continue Reading →

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