What We Talk About When We Talk About An Offer of Representation

In light of the Danielle Smith/Lupine Grove Creative scandal last month, this seems like a good time to talk about questions that authors and illustrators can ask their prospective agent to make sure that the working relationship will be a good one. Every agent works and communicates with their clients in different ways, and it... Continue Reading →

Announcing a Pitch Day with Agent Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein + an Interview!

The holidays are here and we have a gift for you! President and Senior Agent Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein of McIntosh & Otis will be taking pitches right here on the Sub It Club blog next Tuesday, December 13th! Elizabeth will be making requests and giving feedback as time permits. Read our interview to learn more... Continue Reading →

FINDING a G.R.E.A.T. AGENT MATCH with Hannah Holt

Oh felicitous raptureā€”a literary agent has offered representation. A long journey has come to a happy ending. Or has it? Take a deep breath. Before you accept, ask for a fortnight to think it over. Obviously, you have some relaxing to do because you just used the word fortnight. Okay, maybe that was me. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Pitch Day with Agent Jennifer Johnson-Blalock of Liza Dawson Associates

You may have heard that Sub It Club is 3 and we are celebrating! Today we are thrilled to have Jennifer Johnson-Blalock of Liza Dawson Associates here at the Sub It Club blog perusing your pitches! If you have not yet read our interview with Jennifer, please do go and read it. Jennifer shared a... Continue Reading →

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