Old Home Week: Rachelle Meyer and …

The Postcard Post Old Home Week has a very special guest this month… Santa Claus! Actually, our special guest is better than Santa because Rachelle Meyer comes bearing the gift of a great seasonal illustration and self-promotion tips! Rachelle generously shares how she's been getting her work out in the world. I’ve always wanted to... Continue Reading →

The October Postcard Post: Elizabet Vukovic

I met this month’s Postcard Post illustrator through SCBWI and have had the pleasure of seeing her work on many occasions. Now she’s sharing it with Sub It Club. Without further ado, welcome Elizabet Vukovic. Elizabet Vukovic is a freelance illustrator and SCBWI member. Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Elizabet was brought up in a... Continue Reading →

The September Postcard Post: Charlie Eve Ryan

I first saw this month's featured illustrator's work on Facebook and instantly knew I had to see more. Sub It Club is thrilled to welcome Charlie Eve Ryan. Sit back and enjoy her wonderful postcard and tips too! Charlie Eve Ryan is a professional freelance illustrator/writer and member of SCBWI. In 2012, she was accepted... Continue Reading →

The July Postcard Post: Kelli Thrasher-Brooks

When I saw on Facebook that illustrator Kelli Thrasher-Brooks had a new postcard ready, I knew she'd have to come share it with the Sub It Club. Take it away, Kelli: Colors, textures, lines, patterns and characters play a large role in Kelli's passion for creating picture books. Ideas for new stories come from everywhere... Continue Reading →

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