Keep calm and query on this holiday season

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...." It's a time filled with joy and jam-packed with stress. The pressure's on to find that perfect gift, attend party after party, and make merry with family both near and far. If you're a writer querying agents or editors this holiday season, your stress level may be over the top. Fear not! There's hope for maintaining a sense of calm while querying on this holiday season. The trick is to S.T.O.P. Literally. 

The Postcard Post: Deb Johnson

Sub It Club welcomes Deb Johnson to The Postcard Post. Deb Johnson is a self-taught illustrator, writer and graphic designer. Illustrating and designing for the children's market has been her passion for almost 30 years. Deb’s favorite part of the creative process is creating characters that give you, the reader, a reason to smile. Her current... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Graphic Novel Pitch

Graphic novels are a steadily growing market, which is exciting to see. These days, more publishers are accepting graphic novel submissions. Some publishers have even started imprints that focus on graphic novels; for instance, First Second at Macmillan, and Graphix at Scholastic. And of course, as more traditional houses are publishing graphic novels, there has... Continue Reading →

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