A New Contest Roundup Calendar!


Hello there all you lovely writers and illustrators, have I got some news for you! I’ve finally put together something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. The Contest Roundup is now a calendar page here on the Sub It Club website! I’m really excited about this because I love calendars. Also, and probably more importantly, having the Contest Roundup in a calendar format is going to make things much easier. It’s easier for you to see the contest listings and keep track of them. With a click on the listing heading you will see the details and links. It’s easier for me to add contests too! It seems more streamlined all around.

As far as updates go, when a contest is added we’ll tweet about it at our @subitclub Twitter feed and post it in the Submission Support Group to keep you informed of new opportunities as they pop up. You’ll always be able to find the Contest Roundup Calendar link in the page links across the top of our page so you can get to it easily anytime.

Check out the new Contest Roundup Calendar and tell me what you think. I tried to make the listings clear by titling the listings in a way that clues you into what the contest is geared towards. If you have comments or suggestions I’d love to hear them! Of course, there are lots of good opportunities to be had this month.

Now, go check out the new Contest Roundup Calendar!

5 thoughts on “A New Contest Roundup Calendar!

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  1. I’m usually a fan of graphics, but I don’t use google calendar and when I click “more information” (bottom left of a posting) it took me to a long google sequence, not to more information about the item listed. Oh well.


    1. Hi Wendy, I’m not sure why you’re having trouble. I’ve been getting lots of feedback and it’s working great for others. You don’t have to be a google calendar user to use our calendar. I did go look at the “more information” button to see what that is doing. For me it brings me to the actual calendar which would make sense that that doesn’t work for you since you don’t have google calendars. But, the good news is that you don’t even need to click that button. Once you’ve clicked on the calendar listing heading all of the contest information pops up in a box right there. Hope that helps!


  2. Please understand how grateful I am that you keep all the lists and info, as I have been using them now for a few years!!!! I wanted to share some feedback, though, as a person who has designed and built websites for decades (yes, I am that dino). The calendar format is not as user-friendly, IMHO, for some folks like me. For starters, it is hard to see — there is not enough contrast in the blue you use and the white letters, so between that and the small font, it is not easy to read. Secondly, I am sure there are plenty of people who like the calendar format (I would not survive a day without my Google Calendar!); but because there are some events that go on for more than a week, it is hard to tell when they started. I know, I know — you click on the link and the info is all there…but it’s pretty busy visually and less clear — you have to work harder to get information. If it is easier for you as the admin to present info this way, then by all means, you should do things to make it easy on yourself! But if that isn’t the reason why you changed it, I would say that the simple list meant a user doesn’t have to try to sort through a lot of blue lines to figure out what she wants to find.

    All’s this to say — I give a lot of feedback on this sort of thing, so YMMV. You have reasons why, and I am down with that. And again, I am SO GRATEFUL for what you do!


    1. Thanks for the feedback. You’ve touched on some of the things that I’m working on with the calendar. Having events posted for the entire open date was something I wanted to try but I find that it is too busy as well. For some reason I can’t get the calendar on the blog to use the colors I have set it to for easier reading. Still working on figuring that out. Of course, we can all manipulate our screens to make things larger if we need to so I wasn’t so worried about that. The calendar does make things a lot easier administration wise. It’s a permanent, ongoing list so it takes much less maintenance. It’s something we need at this point to be able to keep the roundup going. I hope that everyone will be able to work with it and find it a good resource.

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