August in New York

lishacauthenThis post is brought to you by
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Okay so remember the movie The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe and the ever-creepy Tom Ewell?

The story’s all about a guy whose wife and children leave New York for the month of August, because that’s what families do in August when it’s Too Darn Hot.

But that’s another movie.


Remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer installs the Commando 8 window air conditioner?

Yeah, that didn’t turn out too well.

Anyway again—my point is August in New York. Lots of people don’t have air conditioning (which is difficult to believe for we Southerners and lower Midwesterners, but it isn’t really hot every August in New York, and the hotness doesn’t last four or eight months like it can farther down the American map.)


There is a grand tradition in New York and therefore, the publishing business of taking August off. So check your targeted agent/editor’s guidelines, Twitter account, Facebook page and blog to see if she/he will be working in August. Some agents even close in August and delete any queries that come in during the period that they are closed. At the very least, querying in August may delay an answer.

The more you know.

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  1. I love The Seven Year Itch…I even quote the chopsticks scene sometimes (it shakes me; it quakes me…LOL!). Thanks for the reminder that some agents are closed in the summer. Seems like a lot of the publishing world is then.


  2. Love, Love Love the post. I actually watched the clips and enjoyed seeing how though time marches on, things still remain the same. Good tip about August. New to queries and everyday there seems to be a new rule to remember. Oh agent of mine please appear, to help my writing life become more clear. Poof went the magic wand. Let’s hope an agent is close behind.


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