Who Do I Address My Query Letter To?

Submission guidelines can sometimes be vague, especially those at publishing houses it seems. You may find their guidelines to simply say something like: send your manuscript or proposal to publishers@bigpublishinghouse.com. Okay, so at least you know the address where you are supposed to send your submission, but you want to do things the proper way.... Continue Reading →

But Are You a Match? Six Things to Consider Before Accepting Representation: Prt 3/6–RELATIONSHIPS WITH EDITORS

And now we come to Part Three of BUT ARE YOU A MATCH, Part One is here, Part Two is here. An agent's first role is that of SALESMAN.   Every salesman must rely on a list of contacts, or in the case of a literary editor, a list of editors. So today, our topic... Continue Reading →

November Contest Roundup

November 2013 Contest List To help you keep track of the available writing contest opportunities, we'll post a list each month of the upcoming contests we've heard about. (If you have an upcoming writing contest that you'd like included on the list, please contact Veronica with the details.) We also have a Writing Contests Pinterest board and a NEW Art and... Continue Reading →

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