Researching New Agents

Industry publications like Writer's Digest or Publishers Lunch often include announcements of new literary agents just entering the business. We are told these agents are a "golden opportunity" for writers and illustrators since they are actively building their client lists. So are new agents a goldmine or a minefield? The answer is "it depends." On the plus side,... Continue Reading →

2016 Year of Success!

Sub It Clubbers have been working hard this past year. Members have made great strides toward their goals of publication, from connecting with critique partners in our Critique Partner Matchup, to perfecting pitches and queries, to sending submissions, to illustrator postcard mailings, and so much more. There are so many steps along the way to... Continue Reading →

FINDING a G.R.E.A.T. AGENT MATCH with Hannah Holt

Oh felicitous rapture—a literary agent has offered representation. A long journey has come to a happy ending. Or has it? Take a deep breath. Before you accept, ask for a fortnight to think it over. Obviously, you have some relaxing to do because you just used the word fortnight. Okay, maybe that was me. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

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