Get Thee to Write On Con!

Here at Sub It Club we believe that being a writer does not have to cost you a bunch of money. Sure there are lots of things you can pay for when it comes to writing but there are also tons of excellent free resources. Case in point Write On Con.

writeoncon (296x93)

If you haven’t heard of Write On Con, prepare to be excited! Write On Con is a free interactive online writers conference. While it is focused on kidlit writing, “WriteOnCon is also not exclusive to kidlit writers. In order to stay organized, the curriculum is focused on picture book, middle grade, and young adult writers. However, much of the information provided applies to all writers, and many of the publishing professionals who participate cross over. And since the conference is absolutely, 100% free, any interested writer is encouraged to attend.”

It wouldn’t be a writer’s conference if agents and editors weren’t participating. Write On Con has ninja agents sneaking through the forums and leaving feedback on query letters and writing samples. Get details and check out the list of participants at the 2014 ninja agent announcement.

Write on Con officially starts on August 26 and runs through the 27th, but things are already happening. Sign up to participate in the forum and check out the featured posts page to stay up to date. According to the Pitch Event Instructions there is going to be a lot of pitching going on this year. Whether you’re ready to pitch or just want to learn from other pitches and the feedback they receive it is a great opportunity!

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