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Querytracker. We’ve mentioned it in some of our blog posts here at Sub It Club already. (It’s great for when you have Ants In Your Pants Syndrome.) If you don’t know about Querytracker it’s definitely a tool worth checking into.

Querytracker has a database of 1290 agents and is updated regularly. Seriously, you can find virtually any literary agent listed there.  Start by choosing the genre you want to sub. Querytracker will generate a list for you. You can see what is listed under agent’s overview, genre, and clients. The information at Querytracker is not always complete so be sure to dig deeper than what is listed. I’m sure that’s why they provide convenient search links to popular search engines with each listing. Always do your own research. We all know that!

The comment thread can be interesting. And we all like to know about response times of course. You can generate specific response time reports.  But the greatest thing about Querytracker is that you can disregard or add agents to your list as you study them, making your own personalized submission list.

When you do send your work out on submission, you can record your submit date and info creating a well-organized personal submission database! When you add stat information, it adds more information to Querytrackers stats. The more use the more information for all. Don’t worry, it doesn’t share all of your info, just the stats and comments if you choose to leave them. Be sure to set up your profile settings the way you want them.

This brings me to a word of caution: If you plan to leave specific comments regarding submissions, or just plain don’t want the world wide web to know your submission business, use a pseudonym. It really is nice to be able to share subbing information freely. But remember, (I’m sure you wouldn’t do this but I’ve seen it enough times to feel like I need to put in a warning) it is always in poor taste to badmouth anyone online. Don’t do it! Even if you are just irritated about a rejection and blowing off a little steam.

Querytracker’s genre search is improving. And they are starting to list publishers in addition to agents. At this time, they have 177 listed, so the list definitely isn’t exhaustive. It will be fabulous when there are more listed because keeping track of publisher submissions is even more complicated than agented submissions! Using Querytracker to keep track of those puppies will be pretty useful I suspect.

And guess what? Querytracker is free to use! There’s a paid version that offers premium features that look interesting and I’ve heard some writers find them worthwhile. But the free version really does offer all you need as a jumping off point to research and keep track of your agent submissions. Just take a look at the Home, Agents, Publishers, and Reports across the top of the page for a great start. Give it a try. No matter what genre you write, Querytracker is one of the great tools out there for you to use as you work your way toward publication. Go to to check it out.

*Sub it Club has not received a thing for this endorsement. We just really like Querytracker!

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