Small Steps to Success BINGO



Ready to welcome 2018 with a bang?

Here at Sub It Club, we’re excited to support you during a whole new year of submissions to agents, editors, and art directors. We know sending your work out can be stressful, so we invented a new game to keep you occupied: Small Steps to Success BINGO. We hope you’ll play along.

Here’s the deal. While waiting to hear back on submissions, the best thing you can do is keep on creating. Start your next novel. Sketch your next character. Send your work out for critique. Together these small steps will add up to your next submission-worthy project, and you’ll find each step in one square of our BINGO card.

Here are the rules:

  1. Download your card. We’ve created one for authors (click HERE to download) and one for illustrators (click HERE to download).
  2. Cross off your squares starting today. If you read a craft book or sent work out for critique last week, it doesn’t count.
  3. We’re playing for blackout, meaning you have to cross out all the squares.
  4. The prize…a free critique of an illustration, picture book manuscript, or 10 pages of a novel for the first person to declare BINGO! either on this site or in the Sub It Club Facebook group.

We invite you to celebrate each of your small success in the Sub It Club Facebook support group. We’ll post a “Celebrate Small Steps” thread at the end of each month. Keep an eye out and celebrate along with us.




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