Choose Your Contests Wisely

With so many pitch contests coming up just this month, there are some factors to consider. It can be a good idea to choose the contests you enter wisely instead of blanketing the internet with your pitches. I know that when agent Saba Sulaiman was here taking pitches she recognized a few of them from other pitch days. What a memory! I came upon this post on Amy Trueblood’s blog and it really gives some good points to think on if you are on the contest circuit. So, hop on over and check it out:

Monday Musings: All Those Contests.

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  1. It’s understandable agents don’t want to see the same entries over and over again. Contests should consider putting in the guidelines that if the manuscript has been featured in another contest they can’t enter. It also gives the opportunity for more authors to get their work out there.


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