A Magazine Query Letter That Worked

Sub It Club member Debra Daughtry recently sold a short story for children to Guardian Angel Kids magazine. Yay Debra! Today Debra is kind enough to share the query letter that led to her publication as part of our Query Letters that Worked series. We know it can help to look at the query letters of others when writing your own!

Here is Debra’s letter:

July 26, 2014


ATTN: Mary Sue Roberts, Publisher


Dear Ms. Roberts:

Items are disappearing from Connor’s house, and he thinks a ghost is taking them.

Submitted for the December Issue, SOLVING MYSTERIES, is The Mystery of the Ghostly Thief, a 500 word story for ages 4-8. When stuff disappears from his house, Connor enlists his friend Ethan to solve the mystery. It had rained, and no muddy footprints lead Connor to believe his thief is a ghost. Ethan sets a trap for the thief, and soon the boys spy him. It’s a Blue Jay!

I am a member of SCBWI-IL. Publishing credits include PB Calamity Cat, MeeGenius, Dec., 2013, and Let Your Imagination Soar!,Guardian-Angel-Kids, Aug., 2013. This June I had two interviews, in daniduckartspot.blog., and in Mee.Genius’ Authors Blog. My website is www.writing-for-children.webnode.com.

Pasted to this e-mail is my short story. Thank you, Ms. Roberts, for your consideration.


Debra Daugherty


Thank you so much, Debra, for sharing your letter with us!

If you’d like to share your query letter that worked, we’d love to host you here at Sub It Club. We’re always open to query letters of any genre. Email us at SubItClub (at) gmail (dot) com. 


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