Back to Work!

The publishing world gets back to work tomorrow. And if you have submissions out or are planning to submit, that is exciting news!

What about those of you on the fence about submitting? You have work ready but… eep!

Yup, submitting your work can be scary. Being afraid of being judged is completely understandable. Being scared of rejection is normal. The thing is, you’re never going to succeed at finding an agent or publisher if you don’t get your work out there!

“To fall is connected to try.” – I SPY, Mikhael Paskalev

That’s right. Rejection is part of the process. If you aren’t falling you aren’t even giving your work a chance. How are you ever going to succeed if you don’t get your work out there in front of those that can make things happen? Don’t be afraid.

Just sing this little ditty and get your work out there in 2015!


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