Old Home Week: Rachelle Meyer and …

The Postcard Post Old Home Week has a very special guest this month… Santa Claus!
Actually, our special guest is better than Santa because Rachelle Meyer comes bearing the gift of a great seasonal illustration and self-promotion tips! Rachelle generously shares how she’s been getting her work out in the world.

Rachelle’s Christmas card mailer. The card front (right) and the back with contact info.

I’ve always wanted to do a “seasonal” card, and this year I ran out of my previous batch of promotional postcards right around the time that it made sense to hunker down and create something specific for this time of year. It is indeed very personal, featuring my son who is on the verge of turning five and his obsessive love of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas and all things Christmassy. I wanted to make a kind of time capsule to the preciousness of this period in my life. I’ve even included my geriatric cat and one of the Litograph posters that I designed that now hangs in our living room. If someone digs it up thirty years from now, they will have a lot to analyse. Possibly psychoanalyse.

Inside. Awww!

I designed this card to be used in more than one format. I have an A6-sized one that I sent over digitally to the Hire An Illustrator crew for use in their mail packs, and this card is very specifically to attract clients. I also designed a slightly larger and more traditional folded greeting card which I’m using for select clients, dream clients and family and friends. It’s a bit more subtle and only includes my contact details and website in smaller print on the back.

Seasonal cards, envelopes and new business cards!

I also printed up a new business card featuring my black and white work, so I’m inserting this in the greeting card that’s going out to my professional contacts. Direct mailings have been a great source of work for me, but I also am also always “putting it out” there however I can – from professional services I mentioned like HAI (Hire An Illustrator) to social media. I’ve recently been solicited by an art director from one of the “big five” publishing companies in New York after he found samples of my work on Behance, so you really never know where a referral might come from. Keep generating, keep sharing. It will lead to wonderful things!

Thanks so much for coming back, Rachelle. This post is chock-full of helpful info illustrators can use to get their own work out in the world.

Links to more of Rachelle’s work:

Portfolio: http://www.rachellemeyer.com
Blog: http://rachellemeyer.tumblr.com/
Twitter: @FeathersChapman
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/featherschapman
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rachelle.meyer.7

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  1. Reblogged this on illonational and commented:
    I feel so lucky to have been featured again on the Sub It Club Postcard Post. These guys (um, ladies) have such great tips for getting your work out there and staying motivated. I get all fired up every time I read one of these posts. We wish you a Merry Holiday, and a very successful 2015!

    Best wishes,

    Rachelle & Santa


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