Today at Sub It Club, we are happy to welcome illustrator Josh Cleland and Starry Forest Books!  Starry Forest Books is an independent children’s publisher passionate about making something beautiful. It takes just one look at their upcoming picture book, THE END, written by John Bray and illustrated by our guest today, to know that... Continue Reading →

The Postcard Post: Acamy Schleikorn

Sub It Club is thrilled to welcome Acamy Schleikorn to The Postcard Post. I saw Acamy's work and postcard on Twitter. Yet another way to get your postcards out there! Acamy Schleikorn is a children’s book illustrator and hand lettering artist. She was raised in Las Vegas and started creating art from a very young age. She always knew... Continue Reading →

The Postcard Post: Peili Huang

Sub It Club welcomes Peili Huang to The Postcard Post. Sit back and enjoy Peili's adorable illustrations that she creates for children's literature and magazines. Peili Huang is a children’s book and editorial illustrator based in San Francisco. She is a mixed media enthusiast and animal lover. She loves to do art experiments every Saturday. Before... Continue Reading →

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