Get the Scoop on Kidlit!

As you know, Lisha Cauthen graces Sub It Club with her informative blog posts a couple of times a month. Not only does the woman know subbing, she’s the fairy godmother behind our inspiring Pinterest boards. Plus she is a gif goddess!

Lisha doesn’t just add to her talents to Sub It Club, she is a YA writer who knows her social media. One thing she does tirelessly, every week, all on her lonesome, is put out the super informative KidLit Scoop. It’s a treasure trove of links to happenings in the world of children’s literature from personnel moves and mergers to new imprints and grants, and beyond. Plus, Lisha strings a fun story throughout every issue. (Love!)

Being informed of the current news in your industry is important! If you’re a writer or illustrator of kidlit, from picture books to Young Adult, the KidLit Scoop is a great way to keep up on the news without having to spend your time searching all over the web. So, help us celebrate Lisha by helping her celebrate 100 issues. And help yourself to current kidlit news.–for free! Plus Lisha is having a giveaway to celebrate! Subscribe, then enter to win. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy 100 Lisha!

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