The Postcard Post Old Home Week: Jennifer Thermes and Hazel Mitchell

From time to time I see a new postcard made by an illustrator who in the past shared a postcard, tips, advice and more on The Postcard Post. Even better, I hear about lots of good things going on out there. So the new “Postcard Post Old Home Week” will be a recurring post to catch up and see some more illustrator postcard promotions — that never gets old!

Today we’ll see what author/illustrators Jennifer Thermes and Hazel Mitchell have been up to.

Jennifer Thermes:
“I’m happy to say that a lot of good things have happened since the Postcard Post interview in May 2013. Most recently, LITTLE AUTHOR IN THE BIG WOODS, A BIOGRAPHY OF LAURA INGALLS WILDER by Yona Zeldis McDonough (Holt/Christy Ottaviano Books) has just been released! It was a girlhood dream come true to be able to illustrate this book. Also, I signed with a fantastic agent at the end of 2013, and am thrilled to say that we now have a two-book deal with Abrams Books for Young Readers for a picture book biography about Charles Darwin’s voyage around the world (with maps!). The best advice I can give anyone is what I tell myself every day– work hard at your craft and stay positive. It’s really the only thing within your control.

Here’s a postcard I sent out this summer– when I was dreaming of being at the beach!”

I want to go to the this beach!
I want to go to this beach!
I love the map! Great example of how to use the bac of the postcard.
I love the map! Great example of how to use the back of the postcard.

Wow! What spectacular news. And I love Jennifer’s advice to stay positive.
Links to more of Jennifer’s work:

And if you missed Jennifer’s Postcard Post interview, click here.

Hazel Mitchell:
Since Hazel’s Postcard Post she has signed with agent Ginger Knowlton at Curtis Brown in New York. She has sold her first book as author/illustrator, TOBY to Liz Bicknell at Candlewick Press and it will be out in the fall 2016.

Two books illustrated by Hazel books released this fall: F IS FOR FEELINGS by Lisa Millar from Free Spirit Publishing and IMANI’S MOON by JaNay Brown Wood from Charlesbridge Publishing.

Hazel is currently working on illustrations for three books for 2015: ANIMALLY by Lynn Sutton for Kane Miller Books;  WHERE DO FAIRIES GO WHEN IT SNOWS? by Liza Gardener-Walsh from Down East; and KENYA’S ART by Linda Trice from Charlesbridge Publishing.

And that’s not all! Hazel won some awards too! 1, 2, 3 BY THE SEA was on the Bank Street Best Children’s Books for 2014 and she won a Bronze Award for Chidlren’s Books from Society of Illustrator’s of Los Angeles Illustration West52.

Gorgeous! Talk about being transported!
Excellent use of space.
Excellent use of space.

Hazel has had quite a year!
Links to more of Hazel’s work:

Twitter: @hazelgmitchell

And if you missed Hazel’s Postcard Post interview, click here.

Contrary to the traditional Old Home Week that occurs once a year, we will have them as often as possible. Sub It Club loves illustrator postcard self-promotions and good news of all types!

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  1. I love this post, Dana. I always love seeing other artist’s work, and especially postcards. It gets addictive. Thanks for the upbeat advice Jennifer Thermes. I love your sketchblog Hazel Mitchell. Beautiful art ladies! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


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