Querying During the Holidays

sled slavesAw, yeah. It’s Christmas time, and everybody’s cleaning and polishing. Getting all spiffed up for the holidays.

But not us! We’re still at work like–well, like elves–on our manuscripts. And we’re ready to query a few of them.



Many agents and editors work right through the holidays, but some don’t. Some even close to queries until January. Right now, Nelson Literary, Foreword Literary, Fine Print Literary Management and Lisa Rodgers of Jabberwocky Agency are all closed through the end of the year.

Agents get more queries than they can chew over.

santaAnd they often use December to clean out their inboxes, so they can start fresh in the new year.

Be sure to check their blogs, Twitter, websites and neighbors before you query during the holidays. You don’t want that query you sweat over to end up in the trash folder.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? We want to hear them!

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