The Non-Fiction Query

Time to give non-fiction some query-love, too.

A non-fiction query is not a proposal. That’s what you offer to send, with a sample chapter or two, when you get a request. Your non-fiction query, like a fiction query, is a sales pitch.

  1. Ho0k–Catch the agent’s/editor’s attention, fast. Make sure it lets the recipient know what your book is about.
  2. Why your book/article is interesting. Who it would appeal to. What niche it would fill in the market–Facts, statistics, who it would be marketed to, some interesting details from your research, lack of published books on your subject. If there are published books on your subject, tell how yours will be different. Make the reader feel like she needs your book about this fascinating subject right now!
  3. Why you are the one to write it. your platform–will it help promote the book?-Academic credentials, experience, previous articles–especially ones written on the subject–your career, blog and website…IF THEY ARE RELEVANT TO PROVING YOUR EXPERTISE AND MARKETING ABILITY.
  4. Close–Why you chose this agent/editor/magazine and an offer to send your proposal.

There. Can you feel the love?



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