Doing Submission Research? Try Publishers Marketplace.

We’ve all been told that as writers we should subscribe to Publishers Marketplace. And sure, that’s great if you can. You can learn a lot. But here at Sub It Club we do like free. And there are some great free features at PM that you can use for research! Free!

Go to On the left sidebar there’s a list. On the list you will find “search members”. Oh yes, you have hit the jackpot!

Whether you’re looking for an agent, editor, or publisher, you have these categories to choose from:

General fiction
Fantasy/science fiction
Juvenile fiction

Children’s books

Just check the boxes that pertain to the manuscript you are researching and viola! You have a nice targeted list to start your research. Of course, not all the listings will be right for you. Click on the names of those you are interested in and check out their PM page.

For agents you may find genres represented, leading clients, books sold, and more. Editors are more of a mixed bag. You may find people who offer editorial services but you will also find quite a few editors listed. The will often have their titles acquired/edited, best-known projects, and experience up for your perusal. Try the publisher and even the packager listings. You never know where your research may lead! Okay, the website link is probably where it will lead you next, but after that, who knows? You just might find the perfect person to send your work to.

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