Giveaway Winner!

The CHOCOLATE giveaway winner for Sub It Club’s sixth month anniversary is below. I’ve been dragging out the suspense (sorry but waiting is part of the submission process so we might as well get used to it) and I’m stretching it just a bit more.


Since the chocolate will be coming to our lucky (randomly chosen) winner from France,
I thought it appropriate to pull a nom out of a chapeau. A beret to be exact.

beret empty

And to show everyone that this is on the up and up, here’s the inside of the beret. Nothing inside, nothing outside.

beret with names

Voilà! With all the noms of the lovely blog post commenters .

And the winner is:


Send moi your contact details, Madame Finison to receive your chocoLAT.

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  1. Merci! Merci! I am TRES excited for chocolate! It will be therapy for when those rejections start rolling in. 🙂 Thank you!


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