Chat Time!

We’ve had one chat so far and it was informative and fun! But our chatroom didn’t work like we’d hoped. So… we took a break and found a new place to chat. Now we’re hoping to get on schedule and chat every 1st Tuesday of the month. Hooray!

Our topic this month is…


What are you researching? What tools do you use? What can you find out? How do you find the tough agents and editors who seem to be hiding? How much times should we be spending on research anyway?

Bring your knowledge and questions,  and join us in helping each other!

Chat time is Tuesday, April 2nd at 9 a.m. PST. Here’s a time zone chart converter so you can find your time —

We’ll be using a Chatzy chatroom. You can find it at You are going to need a password. It’s our goal for everyone feel comfortable with sharing so we have to password protect our chatroom. But we do want you to join us!

There are two ways you can get the password. The best way is for you to join our private facebook page where we talk about subbing daily! We’ll be posting the information in there. If you happen to not be on facebook you can email us at and we will email you the info.

Hope to see you in the chat!

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