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Look Into Publishers Before Submitting

There are lots of publishers out there. Of course, you’ve heard of the big ones, but smaller publishers abound. There are good ones and questionable ones. It’s especially easy these days to put yourself out there as a publisher and … Continue reading

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A Contest or Pitch Request? Do Your Research.

Since I do the Contest Roundup every month (we have a big one coming up soon!) and we talk about contests quite a bit in our Sub It Club support group, I have a lot of thoughts about these sorts of … Continue reading

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Who Do I Address My Query Letter To?

Submission guidelines can sometimes be vague, especially those at publishing houses it seems. You may find their guidelines to simply say something like: send your manuscript or proposal to publishers@bigpublishinghouse.com. Okay, so at least you know the address where you … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Personalizing Your Query Letter

Personalizing your query letter can be hard. Do you have to? Well, I’ve seen agents who are pretty adamant that they want to know why you’re sending your manuscript to them. They want more of a reason than “I am … Continue reading

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Submissions 101 – Research

You’re ready to submit your work. Hooray! This should be quick. Ha ha! Submitting your work can take a lot longer than you think it should. It’s a big job whether you’re a writer of children’s literature or novels for … Continue reading

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Chat Time!

We’ve had one chat so far and it was informative and fun! But our chatroom didn’t work like we’d hoped. So… we took a break and found a new place to chat. Now we’re hoping to get on schedule and … Continue reading

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