Show Your Query Letter Some Love!

We’re still testing some things out here at Sub It Club and are working hard to make things run smoothly. Last week we posted our first query letter for critique in our private WordPress chatroom and there was A LOT of great feedback!

Now I know, not everyone gets their query and cover letters critiqued. But when you think about it, you only get one shot. You letter is your introduction to your work. You want it to have a great hook. You want it to be clear and concise. You goal is to make the recipient want to read more. And you need to do all this in one page!


Since it’s February, we here at Sub It Club have decided that it’s a great month to show your work some love. What better way to show your submissions some love than with a polished query letter!

This week we’ve decided to give posting the query letter in our private Facebook group a try. We seem to be much more chatty over there. So, if you aren’t a part of our group yet just go here to join. It’s easy!

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