Wen Baragrey Shares her Query

img_7552-1Today I am thrilled to have Wen Baragrey join us here on the Sub It Club blog! Wen’s book, WHAT GOES UP, is scheduled to be released by Random House in 2018. But before Wen connected with her agent and sold that book she had, of course, done some querying of other projects.

Wen is sharing the pitch from her query on one of those previous projects. She says, “It didn’t land me an agent, but came so close, so many times. I had something like four or five R and Rs on it, a huge request rate, and I really thought it would get an agent. It might have if I’d persisted a bit longer, but I got the idea for the story that eventually DID get me an agent and was distracted :)” Seems like a good reason to me! The query Wen is sharing is for THE PHANTOMIME, which is now published at Storybird. Here is Wen’s query summary:

Thirteen-year-old Poppy Malone (daredevil and aspiring celebrity) is kicked out of drama club for failing math. But, it will take more than that to keep her off the stage, even if her only alternative is a derelict theater. She takes on her brother’s dare to sneak into the abandoned Majestic, where she discovers that for the first time in small-town Riverton’s history, a rumor is true. The theater really is haunted. Killed by an exploding lighting can, a troupe of actors have been stuck there, endphanto-coverlessly rehearsing the play they never got to perform. Now that Poppy has arrived and can see them, they finally have an audience–albeit a rather limited and highly opinionated one.

Unfortunately, a ghost-hunting TV crew plan to film their Halloween special in the Majestic, complete with bonus exorcism. If Poppy can find a way to make the ghosts visible, then they can perform their Phantomime for a real audience and R.I.P. before it’s too late. It’s the role of a lifetime that will make Poppy famous–either as the girl who proved ghosts exist, or for organizing a flop in which all the actors are invisible.

Sounds like a fun read, doesn’t it? I’m not surprised that Wen got so many requests!

Wen Baragrey is a New Zealand earthquake survivor who recently turned tail and ran to the other end of the country to live on a farm, only to find herself surrounded by volcanos, cantankerous livestock, and giant slugs. To keep her mind off it, she writes books for middle graders, an age group she’s never fully outgrown. It still comes as a complete surprise when someone expects her to make an adult decision or sign a check, and she hopes that never changes.

She has previously published three books with her writing partner, Natalie Bahm, on Storybird. Her latest book WHAT GOES UP is due out in 2018 from Random House. Wen is a keen supporter of #ownvoices

You can find Wen at her website www.wenbaragrey.com where you can read her blog and find out about her Read Diverse Books Project. You can also connect with Wen on Facebook and Twitter.
Wen is represented by Sara Megibow of KT Literary

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