When the New Year comes along it feels like a good time to assess and think things over. I tend to think about what I can do better. I’m not one to make resolutions but I couldn’t help but think about goals when 2017 rolled around. I even started a thread in our Sub It Club Submission Support Group so we could talk about our writing, illustrating, and submission goals for the year. Of course, since I started the thread I had to say some of my own goals — out loud. Nothing like putting things out there for people to see to get me motivated to do them!

Something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now is add more bloggers to Sub It Club. There are so many great people with experience in our Submission Support Group alone and I am certain there are more of you out there reading this blog that haven’t taken the plunge into our great Facebook group yet, so I want to post here on the blog as well.

What am I looking for? I think if we can add people to write about submitting and all that goes along with it in various genres it will be a great help to many Sub It Clubbers. Specifically Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Nonfiction, and Magazines come to mind.

I’d very much like to find someone who is really into contests to take over the Contest Roundup. I do like rounding them up but I know there are people out there who are deep into the contest scene and can bring a fresh view on them.

If you don’t have ideas about what you’d blog about of aren’t a pro at submitting work yet but might like to blog for us, that’s okay! I’m also looking for writers to take on some features I’ve had in mind for a while now but don’t have enough time to do myself. I’d also like to find some assistants for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WordPress. These can be people who are blogging or you can volunteer to solely help with one of these features. Either way you’ll be on our Partners page.

It’s a big job even thinking about adding bloggers. I keep coming up with questions I need to solve! I love this club. It’s a great place to learn, help others, and get to know people working in the industry. But I want the Club to be even better! So please, if you’re interested get in touch with me just as soon as you can. Email me at SubItClub@gmail.com answering the following:

  • What genre(s) do you work in?
  • How long have you been writing?
  • How much and what types experience do you have with submitting your work? Yes, I want to hear details!
  • What is your attitude toward submitting your work and the responses you get?
  • What are your views on the publishing industry and how it works?
  • How do you feel about collaboration? Are you good at working with others?
  • Are you able to stick to a deadline (i.e. a post date)?
  • Do you have ideas about what you would want to blog about or are you interested in a feature?
  • Please link all the web addresses to your online presence:
  • If none of your links include articles (such as blog posts) please attach a writing sample.

I will be reading all emails, but please be patient with me! I’ve been wanting to do this for some time but I’m also working on requested revisions, taking care of daily Sub It Club duties, writing new stuff, working two jobs (they’re part time, I’m not Super Woman), and living daily life. I do think if we can add some more bloggers in it will be a great thing for all of us so I’m happy to work on it and excited to find some great new people to be a part of the Sub It Club team!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? We want to hear them!

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