Dear Mom: Keep On Keeping On

Summer is fast approaching, like…


So I’d like to offer a bit of friendly advice to all the moms out there:


I’ve been there, peeps. It’s way too easy to get caught up in zoo camps and swimming lessons and softball leagues and vacations. Somehow, Mom’s goals and aspirations seem to wind up at the bottom of the priorities list.

Don’t. Let. It. Happen.

Whether you take an hour every day, a morning every week or a day every weekend, keep writing and submitting. Your work matters.

You hear me?



14 thoughts on “Dear Mom: Keep On Keeping On

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  1. Just finished picking up dirty washing from kids rooms, putting their junk in the bin, making their lunch bla bla ba – I so needed to hear this! Thanks. Might draft something today (after I feed the pets) 🙂


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