Sub It Club is 2 Years Old!

It’s been two years since1 cake bg we started Sub It Club. Now there are writers and illustrators helping each other every day in our submission support group and we couldn’t be happier! This year due to popular demand we started a critique partner matchup group as well to help both our writer and illustrator members find those all important critique partners. We want Sub It Club members to submit their best work and critiques are a huge part of that. Of course, submitting well is what Sub It Club is all about! Check out the 7 Rules of Sub It Club if you haven’t seen them yet.

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing our members succeed. From finishing a round of revisions, to writing a query letter and posting it in the group for critique, to being brave enough to pitch in an online contest, to waiting and revising again because you know your work isn’t ready yet, to pushing that send button on a submission—each step along the way to submitting your work is important and makes you a success!

To celebrate those thousands of little steps all of you Sub It Clubbers take on the road to submitting your work well, we’re going to have some fun opportunities throughout the month of February thanks to the generosity of some very amazing people! (January is such a busy time in the industry we’re changing our anniversary. We can do that, right?)  The first opportunity will be announced on January 30th. So, keep taking those steps, and maybe one of the opportunities we have coming up will be just right for you!

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  1. Hurray! I want to work hard at getting my work out there this year, so this is perfect. Thanks for all you do to help us succeed!


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