The Longest Strange Submission Story Ever!

You’ve heard about strange submission stories I’m sure. Don’t have one yet? The more you submit your work the more likely you are to get one of your own. The story we have today? Well, you’d have to be submitting for a long time to get something like this. Our anonymous guest decided to give me their strangest submission story. And if it isn’t the strangest you’ve ever heard it has got be the longest! What do you think?

“I sent a short piece to a major magazine and never heard from them, so I assumed it was a rejection. Ten years later (yes, 10 years!!), I received a postcard from them forwarded to my new address, saying that they’d found the piece in their files, liked it, and wanted to keep it for possible use. I agreed. Guess what? It’s now been five years since the postcard. I wonder if they’ll clean out their files in five more years and rediscover it.”

Isn’t it crazy? This story might not even be over yet. I hope we’ll hear if the piece sells. But we’ll certainly have to be patient.

If you have a strange submission story please do share it with us! You can email me at SubItClub (at) gmail (dot) com and of course, Sub It Club members can message me on Facebook.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? We want to hear them!

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