Strange Submission Stories

Strange things can happen when you send your work out on submission. No, no, nothing scary (granted, submitting your work itself can be a bit frightening at times.) The kind of things I’m talking about are, well, the things that no one usually talks about. At least not online. Things that happen that don’t necessarily follow the “rules” or the normal way we usually hear of things being done. The unexpected! Things that make you say, wait…

I love these sorts of stories and I put out a call for writers and illustrators to share them with us here on the Sub It Club blog. ANONYMOUSLY. That’s right. These are the sorts of stories one doesn’t always want their name attached to. I got a couple of stories but definitely not enough. I will always be wanting more!

You will find our first story of an unexpected submission surprise just a ways down, but first I have to ask, might you have a strange submission story? It could feel good to get it off your chest ;). And if our blog readers are like me, they will love to get a glimpse behind the scenes! Like I said, these Strange Submission Story posts will be done anonymously (unless the author wants to share their name). If you have one to share I would love to hear from you! You can email them to me personally at SubItClub (@) gmail (dot) com. I’m the one that mans the email and I promise I would never give your identity away to anyone. EVER. I’m a writer on submission. I am an expert at keeping secrets.

Okay, lean in closely my dears, here is our first story of something a little different that happened with a submission:

“There was an open call to a publishing house that wasn’t usually open to submissions, so when I heard about it I studied the publisher a bit and decided that I had a manuscript they might be interested in. I was excited, of course. I was getting to submit my work to a great publisher that I wouldn’t usually get to submit to as an unagented writer. I had hope. I really did feel that my manuscript would fit their publishing program.

It wasn’t too long before the rejection came. A form rejection. I may have shed a tear as I filed it away. There went my only chance with this publisher. At least until I got an agent.

Imagine my surprise when about six months later I got an email from an editor telling me that she had been thinking about my story. Yes, the one she rejected with a form! She was interested in my manuscript! 

To make a long story short, the manuscript was taken to an acquisitions meeting but was beat out by another manuscript on the same subject. Still, it was an amazing feeling to have someone remember my work after so long, and what a surprise! Plus I am invited to send more work. Wow!

That is an amazing story! It certainly goes to show that a form rejection doesn’t mean the work is bad by any means. A good thing for all of us on submission to remember.

Thank you to our first anonymous sharer! If you have a submission story that doesn’t fit the norms I hope you’ll consider sharing it with us. Even if you’re just thinking about sharing feel free to email me anytime. Here’s hoping for many more!

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