But Are You a Match? Six Things to Consider Before Accepting Representation: Part 6/6–YOUR BIGGEST FAN

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, part the last in our outlandishly long series on choosing an agent. (Here are parts the first, second, third, fourth and fifth for your perusal.)

Let us contemplate what it will be like when you get to the end of your agent-query journey.

media_httpassetsoupioasset041490592bc7gif_itwzJfpdAEqIdnGNo, before that part.

You’ve asked your questions during “the call” from each of the fourteen agents vying desperately for the opportunity to represent you. Drawn up spread sheets, pro and con lists and mind maps considering each agent’s answers to your concerns, their track records, years in the business and previous employment. Also, shoe sizes. Through unbearable angst and sheer determination, you eventually narrow the field down to your three favorites, each with a slight edge in a different category.

Pick already!

dan-harmon-community-futureAllow me to offer a final criteria for choosing your agent:


Besides Mom, of course.

Funny things happen when a manuscript goes out on submission. What seemed like a sure thing can evaporate like a snowman in a sauna. Is your agent going to evaporate, too? Will he/she quit after one round of submissions? Lose interest in your next manuscript? Lose your email address?

Not if she’s your biggest fan. She will keep searching for the right publisher, encourage you in your next opus, tell you not worry–your talent will be recognized.

1682410-poster-1280-clap2Your job is to write–not worry about your agent abandoning you in mid-stream. Choose the one who has faith in your work–so you can have faith in hers.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? We want to hear them!

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