Query Strategy: Generosity

I’m going all New Agey-Philosophical today.


It makes you a better human being, and also, creates opportunities.

The first criteria for getting published is producing a quality manuscript. But  don’t forget to engage with the writing community. Give, and you’ll get back 100-fold.

    • Join professional groups–SCBWI, RWA–choose associations that you will learn from and also contribute to.
    • Volunteer in those groups or at book festivals, seminars or conferences.
    • Contribute to the magazines or newsletters of your professional organizations.
    • Go to conferences. Schmooze.
    • Faithfully attend a professional critique group.
    • Blog. Contribute to others’ blogs. Volunteer for blog tours.
    • Participate in Social Media. Make connections with published and pre-published writers like yourself.

You never know. The person you long-distance-critiqued into a published book might introduce you to a newsletter that lists a first-page contest that you win, along with an agent.

elephantSo jump in. Make connections. Help others where you can, many will want to help you back. Eventually, you may find some good friends. And a path to a publishing contract.


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