The Monthly Goalpost for May

I needed to sew a button. It required thread and a needle and those things could be found in boxes in the space between the foot of the bed and the wall. It’s a tight squeeze but space is at a premium around here. I thought about how when I dig out the boxes, I’ll come nose to nose with many a dust bunny. Better vacuum out that space and, heck, take everything out from under the bed and thoroughly vacuum there too. Might as well rearrange that whole configuration; it just isn’t efficient. Might need to buy something at IKEA to organize all that stuff and create a nice little sewing corner.

Then I thought I don’t feel like sewing on that button; it’s way too much work. The dust alone was exhausting to think about, taking out the vacuum, never mind the need to clean and organize. And forget about driving all the way to IKEA; I was tired just thinking about being trapped in that spiral of perfect solutions to my organizational problems.

So I still haven’t sewn that button. No button. Can’t wear the shirt. All because I got overly ambitious and made it a much bigger task than it had to be.

Was it ambition or was I creating obstacles? When you’re in the moment, it’s hard to see it. But I just need to sew on that one button. I can choose to look at those dust bunnies and live with them and not let them stop me from moving forward. I can take care of them another day or I can just make friends with the dust bunnies. They can keep me company. They can be my muses.

dust bunniesWhen we write or create art, it’s easy to create obstacles without realizing it. In order to sketch, I need to go out somewhere, I should make a date with a friend to sketch together; a new pad would be better, and watercolors would be great… Instead of just picking up the nearest pen or pencil and sketching WHATEVER is before me.

This happens in many aspects of life. Take subbing. The goal to send out one story gets buried beneath a check list. It’s important to be prepared but sometimes we create obstacles. We are paralyzed by fear, perfectionism, doubt… But whatever is in the way of your goals, examine it: get to know your dust bunnies. Live with them but don’t let them hold you back.

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  1. Oh dear, oh my! I can so relate to your thoughts: “When we write or create art, its easy to create obstacles without realizing it.” And my husband, Perry, will second that! Even though he encourages me to read, write and create everyday AND takes care of the dust bunnies, including cooking, and so forth [I am not spoiled], I tend to set up the obstacles. Thank you for sharing. ~Suzy Leopold


  2. Hi, Dana. This is so true for me! I avoid dusting because it leads to giant projects like dumping out junk drawers. This may be why I like writing poetry. Poems feel like a manageable task.


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