The Monthly Goalpost for April

Cake! No, it isn’t our anniversary again. I was thinking about goals and how while we may have a primary goal it ends up generating lots of secondary goals and even tertiary goals. It can be overwhelming at times and it’s hard to know where to start. These sub-goals can seem like obstacles when in fact, they are all a part of the process.

1 cake bgSo, cake? This could be a pie, a wheel, or just a circle but I opted for cake. Think of this as a party.

This could be the cake you get when you reach your goal. It’s going to taste SWEET.

This cake is the sum of all your work. Lots of those secondary and tertiary obstacles goals.

Reaching your goal… a piece of cake, right? Hmmm. Maybe we should break it down.

2 cake partTake a slice: a manageable, digestible portion. What can you do that will bring you closer to your goal today?

That one slice is layered and perhaps your goal is too. Layer by layer, work through this portion. Keep in mind that each layer is important and a necessary part of the process. Sometimes I start with the hardest part to get it over with. Other times, I do what I find easier just to get me going and work my way up to the tough stuff.
One layer at a time!

layersOr you could plan long-term: divide that cake into portions and map out a strategy over many days, weeks, months. The tasks you need to do to reach your goal are now divided up and then within each part, you can prioritize the layers. Bite by bite,
layer by layer you work through
each piece of the whole goal.

Now you celebrate! Bake a cake! Have a party! Enjoy!

Then start planning your next big success.


What’s your recipe for reaching that goalpost?
What have you got planned for April?
Comment here or if you’re part of the private
Sub It Club Facebook group, tells us how you’re doing over there. If you’d like to join our Facebook group,
send a request. And have a great month!

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  1. Great post, Dana! It’s so important to be able to break our goals down into reachable steps…layers as you put it. It does get overwhelming at times…so I thank you so much for the yummy cake…and the good advice. 🙂


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