Pinterested in Some Pinspiration?

If you’re looking for some further query information, a deposit of knowledge or some plain ol’ inspiration, look no further than.


What will you find if you click on the big blue phrase up there? Well, twelve boards of writerly goodness, of course:

  1. Query Letters That Worked–all in one place. To click your brain to query-writing mode.
  2. Illustrator Postcards–see number 1.
  3. You Can Do It!–inspirational quotes, for when you’re feeling a bit low.
  4. The Power of Writing–remember how important our work is?
  5. Art Feeds Us–see number 4
  6. Ladies (and Gentlemen) in Waiting–tools to cope with the stress of wait…and waiting…and…you get the picture.
  7. When I Get That 3-Book Contract–okay, a little daydreaming never hurt anybody.
  8. Writing Contests–if you want to try out that query, pitch or first ten pages.
  9. Our Heroes–articles or interviews about some of the giants.
  10. Sub It Club Logos–Dana’s fab artwork.
  11. From the Sub It Club Blog–links to our blog articles. Hmmm. Needs a bit of updating.
  12. Sub It Club Partners in Submission–that’s us. Your obedient servants.

And more to come!

Come take a gander and see whatcha think.


Yeah, they’re ducks. So sue me.

5 thoughts on “Pinterested in Some Pinspiration?

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  1. I just found your site through the PiBoIdMo site and cannot tell you how excited I am! I feel like I just hit the mother-load! You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to friend you, follow you, tweet you, and in short stalk you!


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