Things aren’t always what they seem. We all know that, or at least we should. But it can be hard to remember, especially when it comes to our writing. A manuscript might seem done but we need to be sure. Our perception of our own work can definitely be skewed. That’s why having a good critique partner (or two…or three) is so important.

The Picture Of Many Faces

Having a critique partner or group opens your writing to the view of others. They may perceive something you wrote in a way you did not intend. They may think you are spot on. But they might see a man with a mustache when you think you have clearly written about a girl with a mink stole.

Okay, probably not that. The point is, having someone you trust look over your work is important. We can easily get to close to our work to see the rough spots. It is better to get opinions and do your revising before your send your work out to agents or editors. You definitely don’t want to waste your chances.

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