Query Letters Take Time

When you’re writing a query letter it can take a long time. A really long time.

Sure, sometimes query letter come easily. You know your hook right from the start. Your description is dead on.

Other times, you have to work and write and rethink and rewrite. Can’t get it right? Maybe there’s a problem.

When I can’t get my query letter right I go back and look at my manuscript, which I *ahem* thought was finished. I reread it. I rethink it. Sometimes I even rewrite it, again, for the bazillionth time because if I can’t write a great hook and description, there’s probably (most likely? definitely?) something wrong.

Be reasonable. Be flexible. Put the letter away for a while and come back to it. Get critiques on your letter from fellow writers. (We do them at Sub It Club.) Most of all…


Even if it takes much longer than you expected. You worked hard perfecting your manuscript. You’ve got to work just as hard to get that query sparkling too.

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