No One is Trying to Poop on you Rainbow Studded Unicorn Cupcake Parade

You worked super hard on your query. The research on markets alone took untold hours. Coming up with personalization that made you sound informed yet non-stalkery almost drove you mad. But you did it! You sent out your supremely well targeted, personalized submission. You just know the recipient that you painstakingly hand chose is going to love it!

You sent your polished submission off and waited patiently… even though it was agonizing. It took FOREVER. When the reply finally came your heart started to beat like a herd of wild unicorns running through a candy forest. You could see the rainbows. Cupcakes raining from the sky! You took a deep breath, opened the letter and…found a form rejection. What the heck? How’s that even fair!

Well the truth is, it isn’t fair. But the person that sent you the form isn’t trying to poop on your rainbow studded unicorn cupcake parade. Form rejections are just an unfortunate reality of today’s busy unicorn-free world. Even if the person reading your manuscript sees a sparkle of greatness in your work, if it doesn’t make them see the moon and stars, they have to move on to the hundreds of other manuscripts waiting for them. The form is the quickest, easiest way to do that. Nothing against you. It’s just a no thank you, plain and simple. In these days when more and more agents and publishers going the no response means no route, a form at least lets you know the manuscript was considered.

So, have a cupcake and get back on that unicorn. The trail to publication can be long and winding. But you’ll never get to your rainbow at the end if you don’t try.

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