Summertime and the Subbin’ is… Easy?

Oh yeah! It’s time to relax in the sun. Go have fun with the family. Hang out. Barbecue. Vacation. Maybe you have more time for subbing. Maybe you have less. But it’s great not to worry about it. Just do what you can, right? I loved Dana’s suggestions for making our time count in this month’s Goalpost.

So, what about those editors and agents you’re sending your queries and submissions to? Certainly they like to enjoy summer as well. This is a good thing to keep in mind when waiting to hear back on your submission and the response time comes near… then passes. Before you status query remind yourself that there are many distractions this time of year. Adding an extra month to an expected response time isn’t going to hurt. Really. I usually add 2-3 months to expected response times any time of year, and I’m still here. I hear back, without status querying, 99% of the time.

Summer is a time to be mellow. Do your best not to worry about those subs you have out.  Go have a margarita by the pool. Or go cliff diving into a crystal blue lake. Or work on that garage you’ve been waiting all winter to build. (Okay, that may just be me. But pounding in nails can be strangely relaxing!) Find something you love to do that involves good weather. Chillax. And let your peeps in publishing do the same.

If you can’t help but be antsy hop on over to the Sub It Club private Facebook group. We’ll wait with you!

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