The Sixth Month Anniversary and Giveaway

It’s already six months since we started the Sub It Club. It’s our Half-Year Anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, I’ve compiled the top six things I like about Sub It Club.

6. The positive examples shared with us in “A Query Letter that Worked.” I love getting a peek at a query letter that attracted a publishing industry pro’s attention and ultimately led to publication.

5. I love inviting illustrators to share their work and tips in “The Postcard Post.” It’s a feast for the eyes and an inspiration.

4. The query feedback we give and receive weekly in the private Facebook group. Members generously share their work for all to see and learn from. And we get to exercise our critiquing muscles by giving feedback— a great way to improve our own queries, cover letters and pitches.

3. Information sharing in the form of supportive, motivating blogs posts throughout each month. They are so helpful. And who knew there were so many kooky gifs out there?

2. There’s always something going on over at Facebook private group. There’s great communication between people with similar goals. And the LINKS! With so much out there on the worldwide web so it’s nice to have others point out the pertinent stuff: tip offs about agents, publishers open to submissions, contests, etc.

1. Sub It Club keeps me focused on finishing my work to submission quality. It gives me deadlines by encouraging me to set and evaluate goals each month. I have changed my outlook since becoming involved with Sub It Club: each day I must consciously move my work towards submission.

Six-month anniversaries call for chocolate, non? We want to know what you like best about Sub It Club. Leave a comment with your top reason or more to enter our giveaway. If your name is chosen randomly, you’ll receive some chocolate sent to you from France. Increase your chances by spreading the news: tweet this blog or share it on facebook and tell us in the comments for extra entries. (Giveaway ends July 2, 2013.)

There’s always room for more in the Sub It Club. If you’d like to join our private Sub It Club Facebook group, send a request.

16 thoughts on “The Sixth Month Anniversary and Giveaway

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  1. Did someone say chocolate??

    I think having a place to check in regularly keeps my goals forefront in my mind. Otherwise, it’s too easy to forget or put things off as the month goes along, and before you know it, another month has gone by. It’s also nice to have a (semi) private place to commiserate!


  2. I joined Sub It Club and the facebook group very recently, after stumbling across both during one of my random and often overwhelming internet searches for information around children’s book publishing. Now, thanks to Sub It Club, I feel focused and ready to move forward with submitting my books, and with developing all the ideas I’ve been stowing away. My dream of being a children’s book author looks possible – and when my first rejection letter comes in, I’ll be in great company! Can’t tell you how exciting it all is, now! Thanks!!


  3. Dana…great post! I’ve enjoyed many of Lisa’s posts as well…adding Sub It Club to 12×12 and Sub Six has enabled me to submit so many more manuscripts than I ever would have…I love the accountablility that I feel by being part of this group. 🙂


  4. Chocolate?? That always gets my attention 🙂 The FB group always does too–I’ve heard about a million contests and giveaways there that have been so helpful!!


  5. The best thing about Sub It Club is the focus on actually submitting the manuscripts we work so hard on. I have a tendency to write and revise and polish, and then put my mss away because I’m too afraid to send them out into the world. With the encouragement of you lovely Sub It Club people, I’ve sent 29 queries since April (7 just today)!! And the best part? I did it without fear! 🙂


  6. I didn’t realize the sub it club is fairly new. You’ve attracted so many wonderful and supportive members in such a short time. I am still new to the club so I haven’t yet utilized your resources to its fullest, but so far I am loving the encouragement and information that is passed on. I also love the query samples given. Reading about other people’s journey inspires me.

    I tweated your blog and spread the love!


  7. I love Sub It Club because I always have somewhere to go to when I have questions or thoughts on subbing. I think that was probably my own selfish reason for coming up with the club in the first place because I just really wanted to have other people to talk to about all the ups and downs as well as the technical aspects of submitting manuscripts. I couldn’t be happier with our group! I love having other writers to talk to who understand. I love the private facebook group where we help each other out and share tips. And I’m really excited about the new project I’ve been working on so that we can share important information easier. Coming soon!


  8. I love the query critiques, the Facebook group, and the good query examples. Can’t say the group makes me more accountable, but I do love and appreciate the friendships and connections. When I finish with school, I’ll be able to hold myself more accountable. I have to remind myself that ANY step forward, is STILL a step forward, no matter how small (or SLOW). THANKS!!!


  9. It keeps me motivated. I’ve subbed more in the few months since I joined than I did all last year. It’s also great to see others’ successes. Thanks so much for starting it!


  10. The giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Now I’m off to fill a hat with names. Winner will be announced later today!


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