Getting Stuck

Sometimes it happens. I have so many manuscript submissions that I want to send out that I get stuck. I freeze. I turn into a person addicted to spider solitaire. Curse you spider solitaire! *shakes fist*

Why does this happen? I think it because there are so many possibilities. Large publishing houses. Small ones. Which editor? Or should I send to agents first? Lots of questions to answer the only way I know how: research! Hours of it. For each submission.

I keep a list of my manuscripts along with possible publishers/editors. I have a list of possible agents. But, as we’ve all been taught, I know I need to target my submissions. Personalize them. Polish them to perfection.

But guess what…it’s a lot of work! So some nights I just sit and flip through my market lists once again. Re-read what each publisher wants. Review which manuscripts I’m thinking of sending them. Wonder how I am going to get it all done. Think of the possibilities.

Which makes me happy that I keep my list of submissions that I have out handy. It helps remind me that I can do this. One step at a time. Eventually all the work will add up to a big batch of submissions out for consideration. Perhaps, someday, even a publishing contract. And hopefully a lot less spider solitaire. *eyes mahjong*

3 thoughts on “Getting Stuck

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    1. Don’t do it! DO NOT SEEK OUT THE SPIDER SOLITAIRE! It’s mind numbing relaxation properties will make you unproductive in no time. NO TIME AT ALL!


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