Subbing Comfort

There are lots of submission strategies and theories. Sending out one’s work for consideration definitely doesn’t come with a one-style fits all plan. You may choose to send out one manuscript to one publisher at a time while someone else sends theirs out to a dozen at once. Maybe you’ve decided that having an agent who is in New York is the only way to go, and choose to only consider agents working there. Others might decide to query agents all over the U.S. or even internationally.

It’s your writing. Your illustrating. You get to make your own choices that feel right to you. As long as you do your best to decipher and become a part of the vastly large and diverse publishing industry and submit your work properly within the guidelines requested, you get to decide where you want your work to be considered. The only real rules on submission strategy are the ones you make for yourself.

Yes, it is good to take chances and push yourself out of your comfort zone but not so far that you are unhappy. Only submit your work to who you are comfortable with. Of course, your plan isn’t set in stone. You will learn along the way and make new strategy decisions and changes. Subbing comfort. It gets better with age.

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  1. I prefer subbing 1 at a time. It could be 3x’s in a week but only 1 at a time. Once in an ambitious mood I sent out 3 at once and got 3 rejections in 1 day – which was rough (not the same 3 but still 3. don’t remember if it was all for the same project or different ones). Of course now that many publishers are only responding if interested – I probably should just hope for replies.


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