past loves: a query that worked

As something a bit different today, I’m posting the query letter that sold a non-fiction article sent on spec to a magazine. This particular article was for adult writers, but I think the principles of writing such a query letter are the same:

  • Start with a big hook
  • Show why you are the one especially suited to write this piece

If the magazine had been bigger and the article had been longer, my first two paragraphs selling the idea would have been much more in depth.

xxxxxx, editor

Dear Ms. xxx,

iPhone apps are changing the writing scene. Familiarizing writers with apps prepares them for the reality that books/ebooks/apps are becoming one continuum.

Please find attached my 880-word article, MAKE YOUR IPHONE A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK, comparing various apps writers can use to capture their ideas on the go.

I have an article accepted for publication with the SCBWI Bulletin about how to write with your iPhone. I have a Tumblr: iPhone Apps For Writers by Lisha Cauthen on the subject and soon will be blogging at Ink and Angst about apps.

I’m also an Advisory Committee member with Kansas SCBWI, editor of the region’s weekly informative, but highly entertaining newsletter Sunflower Scoop. I’m a member of Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens. I blog at and at my website, I am a YA writer, pre-published.

I hope this is something that will fit your needs.


Lisha Cauthen

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